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When Hanson Research built the World’s First Dissolution Tester, they didn’t realize they were laying the foundation of modern quality testing for pharmaceuticals. Now, half a century later, the company continues to pioneer the next generations of equipment that will keep tomorrow’s medications safe and effective.

Hanson Research

From the Hanson Archives

Hanson Research is a global technology company based in Southern California that invents, engineers and manufactures Dissolution and Diffusion test instruments. Hanson Research is the Technology Leader and has been setting the gold standard in the industry for quality, innovation and value for more than 60 years.


Founded by the innovator of modern dissolution test technology, Bill Hanson, “The Father of Dissolution”, Hanson Research helps ensure the world’s pharmaceuticals products are pure, safe and effective. Today, Hanson instruments are used by scientists in over 75 countries.


Hanson Research wrote the Handbook of Dissolution Testing, considered the Bible of Dissolution and an essential reference for any dissolution laboratory. The book is now in its 3rd Edition, including new information on USP, FDA, FIP, new information on special dosage forms, the latest on method development and validation, new diagrams, tables, and checklists in an easy-to-use format.


Hanson instruments are geared to perform precisely day after day, year after year with components made to the strictest tolerances and assembled with uncompromising integrity. As a result, Hanson systems have become the benchmark for long-term performance and value.


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